Dear listeners and readers,

Because of the demand we are taking orders by email and telephone - please reserve your copy or copies of the double CD music album "Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit" immediately by emailing/phoning us and mentioning - "Orders" here at:  or ask for information on the "Contact" page. 

You may also order the book:

Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit.  The Ascension Dimension.

Do not send any cash!  You are under no obligation to purchase anything by cash.  All rights reserved for both the seller and the purchaser.  You will be notified by return email acknowledgement and date of your order and confirmed special discounts for multiple books and double album purchases as soon as possible.  (Now available here on this site!)

In order to complete a purchase, you will be required to fill out a customer purchase order form (below or right, or use "Paypal"  on the Album page, which ever suits you) with required payment option completed, before your reserved copy or copies will be forwarded to you.  There will also be clearly defined postage charges for local and international postage.

See the customer order sheet below for discounts on multiple purchases.

Please note: You may mix your order of CD's and Books to make up quantities of 2 or more items for discounts on multiple item purchases on your purchase order.

Thank you and enjoy your day,

John Fergusson

To Fax or Scan and email your order:

Click on the Customer Order link below & print the form.  Complete your order with your details and fax or scan and email to me at your earliest. Or purchase through "CD Baby"!

Customer Book & CD Order Form 2.pdf Customer Book & CD Order Form 2.pdf
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John R Fergusson & Despina Melas Fergusson: Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit

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Other Payment Methods

Payment by EFT please email and ask for instructions for funds transfer and reference code - Australia only!

International Payment by telephone with credit card: Available between the hours of 9am-5pm Sydney time Australia Monday through Friday. Google "World Times" to coordinate international business hours!

Thank you for your purchase, we know you will enjoy the music greatly!

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