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The Odyssey - A Chronicle of Two Adams

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The Ascension Dimension

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The Band! ...The Vocals!...The  Arrangments

This double CD album is a powerful musical journey that many can't help but traverse again and again! It is a kaleidoscope of individual and interpersonal moments of sound, you have just got to hear over and over as it opens and propels the hearer's infinitive heart, into the eternal timeless heavenlies.

So rich and compelling is the inherent audible journey, that each time you listen, you will never travel on the same pathway, as each song reveals layer upon layer of musicalbandscapes” beckoning the listener into broad panoramas of diversity, down into deep ravines of the complex soul and into rushing caverns of ascending “latent love-power”, drawn in by rich voice and instrumental emotion that playfully pulls the serious earthly soul up... into the heavenly Spirit
Oh what a sound - play it long, play it hard, and it's best when you play it loud! Here radio airplay

Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit   A new book by John Fergusson regarding...

The Ascension Dimension - A Strategic Human Journey


This book is written about life's strategic journey in the same anointing Jesus has!
Please share with us your comments for e.g. what the anointing means to you as a christian.

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A one day Conference/Seminar for everyone who's unafraid. This is your Invitation to register for...

the Kingdom experiment”

 What You WIll Learn - Click Here

A one day introductory seminar on leadership

into the Kingdom of Heaven for Earth's 7.5+ billion people!

I was shocked at what we are not being told!


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 The Book! ...

Now here ...... A new book that will change your life

 and get you ready for living in the full purpose

 of ascension in your life now!

The benefits are mind blowing

The results eternal

The purpose hardly comprehensible but never-the-less true

......The book every Christian Leader must read......!

Available Now through   KOORONG Australia Wide Telephone  02 9857 4477 for your copy............

Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit

                     The Ascension Dimension

                 are you going up.................................or going down?                                                      

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by John Fergusson - Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit       ~       The Music.......the Band.......the double album of 14 incredible songs

           Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit         ~         The Book...............leadership into the ascension dimension

                                   592 pages

                                                                            7 w0nderful chapters

Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit

The Ascension Dimension

(A Short Introduction)

This book is written:

To present to people the reality of the New Covenant, its gospel and purpose, which is brought to fruition by the will of God in His Son Jesus Christ, upon whose death the Will and Testament, written in Christ the Living Word before the foundation of the World, immediately became effective!  This is God's first and last Will and therefore envelopes all of time, all of the universe, all of earth, all of every living creature and thing, all of mankind, all of me and you.  None of us can live without any single one of these!  This life is to be lived from the Ascension Dimension.  It is a "Topless Heaven"!  There is no ceiling in this realm!  Truly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but in each part is found the whole of God's will and purpose!  This will and purpose has been revealed to us His sons/daughters and heirs.  We have been given the right to know and the responsibility to become like Him in nature and glory in ascension!  This is a supernatural life, a higher consciousness, a new mindset altogether, transforming us, resulting in a new glorious expression of humanity and divinity together for the purpose of becoming exactly who we are meant to be, now..... and for eternity!

This book will change your life

Read it

Ascend to where you belong!

Become all you are meant to be in your family, job, business, company.

Do all you do in and through Christ and see the impact all around you!

The only people on earth who will be afraid in difficult times are the ones who don't ascend with Christ now!

Jesus Christ who loves you and gave Himself for you!

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There are some major bridges to cross in the very near future...are you ready?

We all are on a journey from our bottomless pit to our topless heaven in and with Christ.  Living Words & Music conjoins us in death and life - it is not just an experience - it is who we are and is inherently part of our comprehending and expressing both our descension and ascension with Him.

John Fergusson

Available now!  Double Music Album & Book - a special price!

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Official launch site - of the book and music CD MP3 latest genre of music for the church worldwide!

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