Topless Heaven is the theme of this double CD album simply because all of the 14 songs come out of my book “Topless Heaven – Bottomless Pit” with its subtitle “The Ascension Dimension” (Kharis Publishers (see web address).

We are seated with Christ in the heavenlies for God’s will and purposes on earth.  God gave us dominion in everything before the “Fall”.  However, we lost that dominion when all of creation was lowered by God through one man (Rom 8.20).  To live and move in this dominion now, we must enter with Christ, by His provision, into “His Ascension Dimension – His Topless Heaven”, in order to be transformed and equipped for this divine dominion as the “one new man, with his new godly consciousness” on this earth! 

My hope is that you enjoy some of this journey in these very special songs.  For those who are hungry for more, “get, search, hunt down, find and read the book”!


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John R Fergusson & Despina Melas Fergusson: Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit

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CD's "Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit" (Australia)

$ 30.00 AUD

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Double CD Album of 14 incredible songs
13 written by John Fergusson as found
in his book of the same name.

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CD's "Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit" (International Sales Only)

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Topless Heaven Bottomless Pit (in Hard Back)

$ 45.00 AUD

The Ascension Dimension - A Strategic Human Journey from Hell to Heaven!

An Introduction

This book is written:

To present to people the reality of the New Covenant, its gospel and purpose, which is brought to fruition by the will of God in His Son Jesus Christ, upon whose death the Will and Testament, written in Christ the Living Word before the foundation of the World, immediately became effective!  This is God's first and last Will and therefore envelopes all of time, all of the universe, all of earth, all of every living creature and thing, all of mankind, all of me and you.  None of us can live without any single one of these!  Truly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but in each part is found the whole of God's will and purpose!  This will and purpose has been revealed to us His sons and heirs.  We have been given the right to know and the responsibility to become like Him in ascension!  This is a supernatural life, a higher consciousness, a new mindset altogether, transforming us, resulting in a new glorious expression of humanity and divinity together.


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Topless Heaven Bottomless Pit (in Soft Back)

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CD Code NCR1 Salvation - Your Great Beginning

$ 5.00 AUD


This series of messages deals with who we are in Christ Jesus - Christ in us - the Kingdom (Realm) of God and the development of God's new creation.

NCR1 Salvation - Your Great Beginning -  is the first of the 24 messages. Salvation is a continuing process in our daily life and is related throughout NT Scripture to our Soul and its transformation, and which we are told their are serious consequences, if we neglect it!


CD Code NCR2 The Life Supply of the New Man

$ 5.00 AUD

The Life Supply of the New Man is not of the Law nor of the letter, but of the Spirit giving us living breath, living water, living bread which is the living word!


CD Code NCR3 The Realm Of The New Creation

$ 5.00 AUD

The Realm of the New Creation is for most people an unknown reality. Most are unwittingly caught up in spending most of their time trying to patch up the old as they remain victim to the demands of a corrupt world. If the truth is in us we will live as Jesus lived! In His reality He said!


CD Code NCR4 Three Steps To Receiving Your Inheritance (3 CDs)

$ 15.00 AUD

Your Inheritance has already been willed to you by God in Jesus Christ. But like most inheritances, you have to meet certain paradigms or criteria to qualify your receivership!


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