John & his wife Despina, live, work, lead and serve out of Sydney Australia.
John was ordained into the ministry of the christian church in California USA after graduating from seminary in upstate New York. This was before they met years later in Sydney.
They presently attend a church in the inner west of Sydney as their home church.

John is also a businessman currently involved in an Australian owned company.

He pastored for many years in fulltime ministry in the US and Australia whilst travelling to speak and minister in conventions and conferences in many countries of the world, which he still loves to do.

Both John and Despina love music and have shared a large portion of their lives involved and committed to it, John having made numerous recordings (on vinyl) in the past with his brothers and sisters.

Despina worked fulltime in Chicago at a TV station singing in a musical group called “Skyway” while preaching and ministering to various churches and groups.

When John told his nephew Phil Tweed, about his book and the poems/songs he had written, Phil said he would arrange and produce them for him and wanted to read the book script first so he could really get the true feel of the songs.

That he has truly done!

We are pleased to present to you the listener and reader, the book and the double album music CD & MP3 tracks!

Reviews: What others are saying about the book...

                         “Topless Heaven – Bottomless Pit (The Ascension Dimension)”

In the cacophony of the post-modern world even the Gospel message has lost it's meaning from numerous theological perspectives and rhetoric. John Fergusson's book challenges the Christian reader to examine God's Word afresh and rediscover it's simplicity. Only then can Christians live authentic lives that honor and reflect God's kingdom values and purposes.

Kathrine Giske – Missions Strategist, Seattle, USA

This book is a timely body of work for the church in our day.  Promising to inspire young and old alike to embrace deeper personal perspectives of reality in the Gospel, it takes us all beyond past glories and/or the limitations of our literalisms and challenges readers to go deeper and higher, stretching their respective spiritual perspectives and images, which, as we all know, can become ineffective and stereotyped.  This book can take us all into a fresh vitality of the vast spiritual landscapes of the Spirit of God within our innermost being.

Michael J. Wood – Pastor/Teacher - One In Christ Fellowship International, Sydney, Australia

I want to say to you the reader – thank God that you have the same freedom with thought, concept and spiritual genre, to hear what the Spirit may be saying to you from these pages, encouraging and strengthening your inner man, whilst stretching your spiritual heart and mind to rise forever higher than you ever dreamed possible on this earth in your lifetime!

Things, circumstances and life will not change for us just by thinking or praying about it – I must become the change, so I must be the change inwardly by grace through faith before I can bring any change externally to my circumstances, my life and the world in which I live!  What’s in this book changed me forever...

Phil Tweed - Professional Musician, Pastor, Teacher and father of five.

Style Music – Hunter Valley, NSW Australia

Throughout this book I have felt as though I entered a treasure-house that not only beckoned with revelatory wonders, but also demonstrated some of the most practical assurances for daily spiritual life, stockpiled by God, that I had not realized, was for my growth and good.  The miracle and marvel, it is for us to touch, explore, examine, and put on, and to enjoy now, not just in eternity.  

It is not often you find one who writes with such revelatory disclosures, opening up each with solid scriptural basis, but I know each apprehension has been tempered and strengthened by struggles, powerful and deep, and by trials, fiery and fierce, and by daring to dive into the deep and fly to the highest height that has no beginning and no end, empowered by the Holy Spirit promised and sent by Jesus.

Carley Short - Vice Principal, Co Founder, Faith Bible College, Tauranga, New Zealand

Finally I found someone who can articulate the longings of my heart. What a great answer to prayer, God is raising up faithful prophets to rescue His church from drudgery, complacency, self-righteousness and legalism. This book, in my humble opinion, is desperately needed today, because it depicts the revolutionary meaning of the new freedom in Christ.

Pastor Sam Baissari, Glorious Hope Church, Sydney Australia.

Must Read

By M.A.A Mid North Coast, Apr 07 2014

Having been given a copy of this book as a gift some time ago, I have read and re-read it many, many times. It has changed my life and walk with Christ dramatically in ways unimaginable! It reads like a perpetual 'Pandora's box' of insight into The Spirit of our Father and His greatest intention and purpose of creating and developing into full maturity Sons in His Image and Likeness to rule and reign with Christ His only begotten Son. LIKE FATHER-LIKE SON! What a Gloriously All-loving, All-giving plan Our Father has had from before the world began. Nowhere and never have I ever read a book that bleeds His exact and true purpose for Man other than in scripture which the author so carefully, thoughtfully and lovingly opens up for us. It is truly a banquet of the the Lords anointing to enjoy with Him for evermore. Mr Fergusson has not just deeply delved into the mysteries of God but has walked them out and is walking them out still. This book is SPIRITUAL MEAT at it's best and only those truly hungry and willing Spiritual Carnivores will appreciate this endless meal. It is alive with His Spirit and will open up His Kingdom to us anew in the most provocatively paradigm shifting way. If you have the courage to take this walk, then The Spirit will only bid you "come". The Lord Bless John Fergusson for his courage and conviction!

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