Video: The Difference Between Believing & Receiving

Many people believe in God but few receive what they are entitled to from God. We must ask why? We are told we have His glorious treasure within our earthen vessels (bodily). Funny how we go look everywhere else except where He put it. Treasure! He wants us to find it - so He told us where it is! But no! It's more fun looking for it elsewhere and I'm still trying to figure out the rules of engagement...
   Video: The Undercover Boss

"God, our undercover boss", who we bump into regularly, but fail most times to recognise Him and often treat him shamefully. There are great rewards and experiences awaiting those of us who notice Him and take care of Him without prejudice! So often God and I don't get along! I don't know why He loves me - He must not be very fussy, but I am so very fussy about how He looks and acts...

 Your Invitation to register for...

the Kingdom experiment"

                                                                                                                                                                 (Dictionary says ‘Experiment’ contains these aspects: Trial, Test, Investigate, Research)

A one day introductory seminar on leadership

in the Kingdom of Heaven! To see an Outline of what you will learn click: REIGN


(“Spiritual leadership deals with the organism of the Body of Christ and life (being) – Spiritual management deals with the organization of the Kingdom and work (doing).”

You have experienced your arrival and destination, your beginning!  Currently you are on a space-time-locked journey so that you may discover your eternal destiny.  It is the reason why being here on earth it is so vitally important! 

You want to go to heaven!  God wants to come to earth!

I will show you biblically and by the Holy Spirit in this one day introduction to the Kingdom of Heaven that unless we bring God to earth fully in us first, we won’t make it into the Kingdom of heaven.  I will show you biblically and by the Holy Spirit that heaven is not our “home” and is not a “destination”.  It is something far greater and Jesus said we really need to know – so why aren’t we being told?  Perhaps you already know – but what if you don’t?  There are eternal consequences!  Do you want to find out what Jesus wants you to know – and that your heavenly Father has actually been in dialogue with you from the beginning?) ( Your coach, John Fergusson)


Attendees/Participants by invitation, registration and full payment only!

Don’t delay – limited seating to a selected number for personal attention & dialogue!

Next available Seminar: 

Date: Please contact us for the next event                    Venue: Courtyard by Marriott North Ryde

Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm                                                   Address: 7-11 Talavera Road                                                                                      NORTH RYDE NSW 2113

Meeting in Conference Room                                                             Free Parking

(Includes light breakfast, full lunch, plus tea/coffee/juice breaks)



Courtyard by Marriott   is a great venue offering function and conference facilities second to none, including outdoor garden & patio areas.  The venue also offers parking in for event attendee’s cars, allowing you to enjoy your visit in a safe and easy access environment. 

The venue is directly accessible off the M7 Motorway (East or West) and just around the corner off Lane Cove Road, North Ryde.

the Kingdom experiment is a leadership seminar to reveal and coach from a new exemplar in Kingdom leadership development.  This is about a new leadership paradigm of the Spirit’s construct of the Kingdom, for each and everyone who believe they have leadership qualities in their own unique and special field. 

No matter what our vocation, specialty, area of expertise, we are either leading others into God and God into others by it, or we are leading them away from Him because of our own ungodly betrayal.  There is no benign sanctuary of neutrality – anywhere!  There is no such thing as a “no God zone” on this earth.   There are qualifications required to enter and become a beneficiary of the Kingdom. 

Among other very important and revolutionary matters we will be looking at this peculiar concept of,  “Leadership from a little child’s  perspective”!

As beings filled with Christ we have an exceptional earthly provision.  As beings lead by Christ we have an outstanding worldly advantage.  As beings leading others into Christ and Christ into others, we have an incomparably unique responsibility to rise to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ and to know the love of Christ, which surpasses knowledge, in order that we might be filled with all the fullness of God, on this earth, in our generation! (Eph 2 & 3)  For what purpose? 

What is God’s purpose for you and more importantly, your purpose for God? 


The Leadership Seminar costs only: $120.00, or $95.00 early bird registration.                                                                                        

$120.00 after the early bird date and must be paid the day before the seminar begins. 


the Kingdom experiment   Organization: Next Level Ministries Limited

Conference & Seminar Leader & Coach: John R. Fergusson

Office Phone: 0412 654 621 Mobile: 0421 366 303


Please Note: Attendees/Participants by invitation, registration and full payment only!

If you have someone you think should be there and you would like to register, please fill in a separate registration form for them with payment and let us know why they should attend. 

Send by Post, fax or scan and email your “Registration Form” today!

(Details on the Registration Form – other enquiries 0421 366 303)


About John Fergusson:

John Fergusson is an accomplished and highly respected teacher, public speaker, author, songwriter, a pioneer strategist, tactical planner and fellowship catalyst of God’s Kingdom.  Gifted in revealing new ideas with inspiration and revelation he wraps them in practical, everyday social and communal living conditions for the ultimate well-being and transformation of every believing human being. 

John (with his wife Despina) lives, works, leads and serves out of Sydney Australia.

He was ordained into the ministry of the christian church in 1968 in California USA after graduating from seminary in 1967 in upstate New York. 

John pastored for many years in full-time ministry in the US and Australia whilst travelling to speak and minister in conventions and conferences in many countries of the world, which he still loves to do.

He is also a businessman committed to communicating the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ at every level of the community.  Like many he holds God’s world view of the ‘Kingdom of the Son of His Love’ in which he sees Christ building His church everywhere strategically at a local level. 

"It is our responsibility as co-workers together with God to preach the gospel of the Kingdom in all the world – it is Christ’s responsibility to build His Church locally with us as his many members. "Only with the reality of the Kingdom working within each of us will we see the reality of the church without!  Remember, the church is a living organic body governed by the Kingdom within each and everyone.  It is not an institution, nor an organization, but the living presence of God in His people who are being transformed and changed into the very same image of the Lord by His Spirit.  He uses everything to do this – yes everything and engages everyone sooner or later – whether descending, or ascending!"

If you wish to attend this one day “the Kingdom experiment” leadership seminar please fill out the accompanying registration form at your earliest.


Respect – Honour – Esteem – Up-lifting Value – Elevating – Educating – Enriching all People



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