Schapelle Corby : 'The Expendable Project' - Required Viewing for all Australians.

Dear all,

Please don't ever tell me again that I am just imagining all this stuff!  The evidence and proof is beginning to appear and fall all around us, not just in this case, but in many, many cases concerning our used and abused countryman and citizens nationally and internationally, (even my neighbour next door), and there is no doubt it will come to a person close to you in the very near future because it is so rampant – those who have ears to hear and eyes to see had better listen and look!

For those of you who say, "I can’t imagine this could happen to anyone let alone our Government, our Police, our Media be orchestrating it!" you are already a prisoner of the lie, of false imaginations – a product of the deception – a constituent of the cleverly crafted unlawful expediencies covertly practiced under the control of the god of this world.  It is not hard for them to lie – it is their way of life and living!  

How pitiful is the lowered state of mankind!  People instinctively crave lies because the truth of the lie to most people is its powerfully deceptive lure to have what they know is not them, or theirs in the first place, whether it be empowered by flatter, avarice, envy, greed, the need to control and protect, or any other driver of the lowered self. 

There is no middle road between lies and truth.  Truth is accountable, the lie is not.

The whole world runs on the lie!  The lie is called "Politics" – a fancy word with the same old meaning – to deceive, dupe, defraud and control!  The city of Washington is full of lying flattering lobbyists trading in lies for the love of money – it is the largest conglomerate of any one type of business in the whole of that city and is the largest group of any country in the world (also in Canberra, plus every Bank, Financial Institution and most business). 

Sometimes the lie uses portions of truth to suit and build the lie, but the truth can never use portions of the lie to build or substantiate truth.  People seek justice by the lie in our courts – an impossibility of course!   Most people don't get justice because truth requires evidence, whereas the lie doesn't.  People readily believe lies because it is instinctively and unaccountably easy to do so, but despise truth because it demands accountability, responsibility and liability!

Below is a clear demonstration of the methodical orchestration of the love for the lie and all it protects for the “Uncommonwealth” of the politically savvy self privileged elite of Australia and their associates and allies!

There is only one alternative – it is the Kingdom of Heaven in the ascension realm of Christ – now on this Earth as it is in Heaven!

Concerned for the innocent, afflicted and the ignorant,


John Fergusson
There is only one you, therefore there is no such thing as second best! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

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Subject: FW: Schapelle Corby : 'The Expendable Project' - Required Viewing for all Australians.

Subject: Schapelle Corby : 'The Expendable Project' - Required Viewing for all Australians.

Absolutely riveting viewing. A must see for every Australian....


"Probably the most disturbing documentary you will ever see"

"Expendable presents, and demonstrates, the crushing, pre-meditated, and often brutal acts which a government is prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen, in pursuit of political expediency"
"You will be shocked. You will be enraged. You will weep. You will never see politicians or those with linked vested interests in the same way again."
 "The shaming of two nations."
What I want to know is why did it take a team of Americans to lift the lid on this political can of worms and why didn't the Australian media expose this corruption long before this.
This is a shameful disgrace that falls on the shoulders of all Australians who have accepted the actions of its government in relation to “The Corby Matter”. The government itself should be charged with numerous human rights violations and tried at the International Court of Law.
 Pass this on if you think a human life is worth more than political retribution.