As we approach and live throughout the year of 2015, both world and personal security will be the 2 most worrisome thoughts on people's minds. Unfortunately neither world nor personal security can be legislated.

In all of earth’s combined history there has never been more laws abounding than what we have today for the purpose of security, with more being legislated every day, yet we now have less security than at any other time or period in all of human history.

This is clear and unequivocal proof passing laws do nothing to protect people of any class, race, culture, colour or creed, other than rank, anywhere on earth! Why is this so? The law itself is the culprit as it actually removes security by its very nature as all laws can be broken, manipulated, twisted, ignored, lobbied, changed and/or bought by the right price.

Try using the law next time you are confronted by a gunman, a person thrusting a knife at you, or someone ready to club you on the head just to rob you.

You must shout at them, “I am protected by the law – I am protected by the law!” If they don’t go away and still approach you, then begin to shout more loudly at them, “the law is my security – the law is my security and therefore I have no fear (whisper – “even if you kill me”)!”

Therefore of course, they will go away because the law is greater than the gun, knife or cosh club. But then we are told we are not allowed to use the law ourselves or take the law into our own hands! Only approved people are allowed to use the law.

So what are we supposed to do?

Whistle Dixie (or some other favourite tune) while we wait for a “big brother camera” to spot us which alerts the police and other authorities to come and help us using their “guns”, “knives”, “stazers” and “cosh clubs”, oh and “the law” if necessary, to save us!

Yes, you guessed it! We are meant to be totally defenceless – it’s the law!

This leaves everyone fully insecure in the knowledge that if law is not secure itself, how on earth can the ones the law is supposed to protect be secure? The answer is clear - they can't. Why is that? Well you see the law is made by humans for - you guessed it again - "other humans"! That is how they all get passed.

Laws do not protect you and your freedom - that's a complete oxymoron! They actually confine, restrict and contain you and keep you utterly defenceless! What is more if the words of law don't do it, we have bricks and mortar, steel and concrete that will! It's your choice! That's what laws are for – to give you total freedom – not of – but from choice!

“And if law should ever go away
Well, then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today
And then if you can remember

Keep smiling and keep shining

Knowing you can always count on law, for sure

That's what laws are for

In good times and bad times

They'll be on your side forever more

That's what laws are for...”

Is there anybody out there not feeling secure? I know how to confine and restrict you so you will!

While leaders and their police (plus don’t forget the criminals who know the law is written for you), have the money and gun to protect themselves, you have the law to protect you – how good is that – that is if it hasn’t been changed again since the last update yesterday to ensure the protection of the leaders and their police aw and don’t forget the criminals!

There is a real answer to the security issue – but does anyone really care while others pretend to be responsible for us and also charge us for it?

Have a great 2015