Counterfeit or Genuine Authority

Whether Secular or Religious, Metaphysical or Spiritual, counterfeit authority is used by all groups to further both their self and/or corporate group and governmental interests and control.  It is especially used by leaders over ignorant, naive, or dumbed down people for control purposes and larceny.  For counterfeit authority to flourish, you must create two classes of people by creating knowledgeable expert professionals, over and against less educated ignorant amateurs.  Wall Street and the Financial Markets are prime example!  In religious circles it is called the Clergy (the professionals) and Laity (the amateurs) System.  The amateurs must be educated but not in the reality of genuine authority.  They must all learn that they are always under someone else’s authority and be reminded of it regularly.  In all but a few situations, authority is used for the benefit of the one/or ones exercising it!  Being of mutual benefit for both sides is by far an exception rather than a rule, and is usually coincidental insitu, often ironically twisted to the end benefit of the authority feigning humility by removing threat. i.e. “It’s not me!  I’m just doing my job!”

Years ago a small Australian boy was given a gold looking $2 coin for cleaning his neighbour’s car.  Never had he held so much money of his own before.  He couldn’t wait to show his dad when he came home from work that day.  When his dad saw his boy’s $2 coin he said: “My boy, I will give you a bigger gold coin for your smaller gold coin”, and showed him the much larger $1 coin.  Overwhelmed with his dad’s generosity as they swapped coins he threw his arms around him thanking him so much.  “That’s alright my boy”, said his dad, “it’s called a win - win situation.  I win and you win too!”  The boy went off so happy to see his dad smiling so widely!  One day the boy will find out it wasn’t a win - win situation at all, but an “I win - you lose” situation.  He will then see his dad differently!  Counterfeit authority works in the same way.  It is called “entrapment” a “snare”, for stealing and control and it’s illegal, unethical, deceitful and immoral.  Every authoritative leader is guilty until they prove themselves otherwise!  Every leader who takes away choice, or deceives to keep you ignorant of value or truth for advantage, is an authoritative leader of demand using “authority for themselves as a weapon”, against you! 

This is why Jesus said true authority is to serve (love) one another.  In other words, genuine authority is to serve others for their benefit because in the act of serving others, you prove you have the love, the power, and the means to support and supply those whom you serve. The one who is the greatest servant of all is the greatest amongst all demonstrating the greatest authority of all but not over all.  This is certainly not the world’s way to become great, but it definitely is the genuine way!  How are you doing?  How many others are you serving – or are you just counting those who are serving you in your family, church, organisation, institution, business, company, nation or country?