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Laws do not protect you and your freedom

Posted by John Fergusson on Saturday, December 27, 2014, In : Law & Protection 

As we approach and live throughout the year of 2015, both world and personal security will be the 2 most worrisome thoughts on people's minds. Unfortunately neither world nor personal security can be legislated.

In all of earth’s combined history there has never been more laws abounding than what we have today for the purpose of security, with more being legislated every day, yet we now have less security than at any other time or period in all of human history.

This is clear and uneq...

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Counterfeit or Genuine Authority

Posted by John Fergusson on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, In : Law & Protection 

Counterfeit or Genuine Authority

Whether Secular or Religious, Metaphysical or Spiritual, counterfeit authority is used by all groups to further both their self and/or corporate group and governmental interests and control.  It is especially used by leaders over ignorant, naive, or dumbed down people for control purposes and larceny.  For counterfeit authority to flourish, you must create two classes of people by creating knowledgeable expert professionals, over and against less educated i...

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Steeples & Sheeples
christians are so caught up in their religion and are so busy rehearsing or learning their traditions that they have no idea they are being used to prop up, finance and promote the deception and tyranny of the antichrist anti-human world.  Most have never stopped to think what it would be like to enter the realm (kingdom) that Jesus came to show and demonstrate to us all, so that we could save ourselves from what "The Banker" in the YouTube Video below relates! In fact most haven't even got the faintest idea of what the kingdom of heaven is about or even why Jesus spent all of his time and his whole life talking about it whilst demonstrating its power and freedom!  God denies his power to all forms of godliness no matter how sincere the act or virtuous the person - why?  Because the performers are using the "power of deception" to cheat, rob, kill and destroy for personal gain - yes, even to gain God! Be warned! The most powerful deceit pulled on every human being is to appeal to the common altruistic human trait to sacrifice for a cause, to give above and beyond your means, to borrow if necessary from those and for those who hold your life in their hands because you have given them control of your complete life and living simply by not entering the alternative God through Jesus Christ has provided.  There is no neutrality, nor non-commitment in the power of life! The life of the power that you let control you makes all the choices for you whether you like them or not, by your consent until you change the source.  The source is within you - it will change you from being a silly sheep to being a lion king
Now here is the secret: The banksters and world leaders don't like lion kings - they only like lambs.